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HUMA Maritime archaeology Gotland

A Maritime Archaeological Project on Gotland

The main direction of the HUMA Project (Heritage Underwater Maritime Archaeology) is research around Gotland's underwater heritage – a heritage that hides many wrecked ships and thereby information about life in older times. The project is focusing on the Danish-Lübeckian fleet which was struck by a horrific storm at Visby roadstead in 1566.

HUMA - Info june 2012

Project leader Göran Ankarlilja

After four seasons in the field, we are making a summary of what we have done in the project and its findings. The previously printed magazines from 2008, 2009 and 2010 is now available for download in PDF format here in Swedish and English under the title Magazine. We also begun featuring articles from our contributors on the project under Articles. Under Project organization is a short introduction about us leading the project. If you have written or have any good links to anything published that we have not addressed here or interesting literature, we are interested. We believe in such a way that we can better inform more interested, especially good for those who do not visit Sweden and Gotland as often. You are visiting the island of Gotland may see some items on display at the Museum of Gotland in Visby and exhibition of the cannon copy of Gotland Defence Museum in Tingstäde, welcome!

Field investigations in 2012, conducted July 23 to 27. We organize a field week where we look for new wreck sites for future surveys. We dive near Själsö port situated north of Visby. The 28 July we have a lecture about the disaster in connection with the service starting at 18:00 in Visby Cathedral. On 29 July we organize Memorial Day in collaboration with Gotland Defence Museum in Tingstäde between 11-18. We show exhibit and present our research and give lectures.

We are pleased and grateful to our main sponsor, Nord Stream is with us again this year and congratulations to those now pumping gas into an energy-dependent Europe, once in two pipelines.




First news from the excavations

Time to start this year’s investigations of the Danish-Lübeck fleet

DVD - Construction of a cannon replica

An afternoon in the name of maritime archaeology…

Heritage underwater maritime archaeology Gotland