Field work at Kopparsvik (week 21-24, 2008)

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HUMA Maritime archaeology Gotland

Field work at Kopparsvik (week 21-24, 2008)

An overview of the area. Artefacts have been found along a 150 m stretch of the coast line.

The dive site is situated beyond the surf in water depths of 3-6,5 meters.

Briefing before diving.

Divers walking towards deeper waters.

Searching with metal detector. A noise is heard in the head phones when the detector senses metal.

Diver studying little copper coin found during the work of making inventory at the site.

Another copper coin found at Kopparsvik. Diameter ~ 4,5 cm

Gold spoon recovered at Kopparsvik. End of spoon has an ornament of cherubs. Material: 90 gr of 18 carat gold. Length ~ 15 cm.

Divers climbing from the beach to the dive base.

Field documentation of recovered artefacts (measuring, drawing, weighing, photographing).

Measuring by total station to establish exact position of the excavation base line.



First news from the excavations

Time to start this year’s investigations of the Danish-Lübeck fleet

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